German Film Premiere: ADAM

(c) Visit Films

ADAM (USA, 2019)

Director: Rhys Ernst

Clumsy Adam Freeman (Nicholas Alexander) has just finished his first year at high school - in 2006. When his cool older sister Casey (Margaret Qualley) suggests he can visit her in New York for the summer, Adam dreams of meeting a girl and finally gaining some life experience. His fantasy doesn't come true as expected. Casey lives happily amidst Brooklyn's young LGBTQ community and invites Adam to follow her to queer bars, rallies for equal marriage and other events. When Adam meets Gillian (Bobbi Salvör Menuez), a clever, beautiful young woman in this new crowd, she falsely suspects he's trans. Drunk and in love, he unfortunately responds to her confusion, leading to an increasingly complex comedy - and tragedy - of situations Adam wasn't prepared for.

The German premiere can be seen in the festival cinema Cinema Frankfurt.

Director: Rhys Ernst

Country: USA

Year: 2019

Length: 95 min