B3 Leading Exhibition: A NEW NORMAL

(c) Luzie Loose & Paul Nungeßer, A NEW NORMAL

A NEW NORMAL is a stereoscopic essay film that associatively deals with the question of how to live after everything has changed. A young man leaves his apartment in an old block of flats and wanders through deserted landscapes. What drives him is his desire to leave everything behind, even to himself. A narrator tells of fragments and experiences of a daily life after the catastrophe. They are not similar to the pictures shown, but they are also not clearly separate from them. The stories begin as banal episodes shopping for groceries or the morning commute to work and eventually witnessing various strategies becoming a profound identity crisis behavior. The 3D images are both artistic expression and narrative means - they open a window into the thought world and experiences of the protagonist in the try to create a new normality.

The Film will be a part of the B3 Leading Exhibition.

Director: Luzie Loose

Script and Camera: Paul Nungeßer

Country: Germany

Year: 2019

Length: 17 minutes