endless cinematic desire // 9.12.17 12 pm - 00 am

endless cinematic desire
Samstag 9.12, 12 – 24 Uhr
B3 Festivalzentrum
Four Frankfurt
Junghofstraße 5
60311 Frankfurt

endless cinematic desire is a twelve-hour tour de force, a journey through the history of film, a reeling projection of desire in the cinema. Narrative shorts, experimental cinema, and documentary films will be presented, works that not only (re)frame desire but also show it as a phenomenon primarily produced emerging fromby a filmic aesthetics and, by filmic bodies. Drawing on their archives and elaborating lines of their discourses, Recognized renowned institutions and as well as individual curators have bear artistic responsibility for blocks of time. , drawing on their archives and elaborating their lines of discourse. ThisSuch distributed curatorship corresponds to the idea of a distributed desire.

The All films will be shown in their their original versions. In this way, theThus, a r rapid succession of analogue and digital projections will facilitate pass on a material aesthetic desire in the perceptual differences between the twoboth systems.

The sequence of vastly very different films shown within short time slots of time will beguile seduce the audience into a libidinously interlinked gaze, a cinematic merry-go-round full of surprises, bemusements, and insights. A happening that desolves conventions of movie going and allows the spectator to come and leave, to watch or talk, to drink or to pursue other deeds inside the spectacular venue of Deutsche Bank's former headquarters.

Ein Happening, das die Konventionen des Filmschauens auflöst und den Besuchern ein Kommen und Gehen, ein Schauen und Reden, Trinken und Anderes-tun in einem spektakulären Raum im ehemaligen Hauptsitz der Deutschen Bank ermöglicht.

A project by Marc Ries and Kathrin Brinkmann.

Download program: ecd_flyerx.pdf