Key topic On Desire

(c) Max Apel 2016

With the key topic ON DESIRE, B3 will in fall 2017 reflect on the latest trends relating to the moving image in art and media from a political, technological and aesthetic perspective. “The Internet has become a giant wish factory, and a place of collective longings,” says Prof. Bernd Kracke in explaining the choice of topic. In late fall 2017 the new key topic “On Desire” will shape the third B3 across the diverse genres and creative productions. Desire as yearning, wish, lust or hope and its translation into moving images will be explored in an artistic, social, political, sociopolitical and historical perspective and critically examined. With their works, projects and lectures artists and speakers will not only consider the desire of the individual, but also the appeal to and mobilization of collective longings and hopes. The centerpiece is the special exhibition ON DESIRE, which will be shown from end-October 2017 until mid-December 2017.