B3 Cultural Kiosk - 5/2020


„The Internet has nothing to do with the real experiencing of art.“
Susanne Pfeffer, Director of the Museum of Modern Art (MMK), Frankfurt/Main

„Democracy, even if it is healthy, needs constant ventilation. The freedom of art provides democracy with the oxygen it needs to survive.“
Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture and Media


Amazon Plans Big Cinema Coup

Amazon is apparently planning a mega coup in the midst of the Corona crisis. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reports that the trading giant plans on becoming a big player in the movie industry by taking over the world's largest movie theater chain, AMC, with a total of over 10,000 screens. If the takeover were to succeed, Amazon would suddenly become the world's largest cinema operator and could put great pressure on its major streaming competitor Netflix.

Cult Director David Lynch Helps Hospitals

The foundation of Honorary Oscar winner David Lynch has launched an initiative for those who are on the front line in hospitals during the Corona crisis. The project "Heal the Healers Now" aims to introduce hospital staff to the technique of transcendental meditation to help them deal with the enormous strain of the last few weeks. The deep relaxation achieved with this technique is intended to help doctors and nurses cope with high levels of stress and with anxiety. The campaign is supported by many stars. Lynch has asked Instagram to support the project. Participants can win a virtual coffee klatsch with the Hollywood legend.

Contact via Controller

Based on a YouGov survey, the game Association of the German Games Industry reports that 18 million Germans are using controllers, keyboards and co. to stay in touch with family, friends and others during the Corona crisis. Some 20 percent of gamers take advantage of the opportunity to meet and exchange information with their friends while playing online. 16 percent use their time for jigsaw puzzles, mystery games or games of dice with their family at home, while eight percent connect with family members online. Another 14 percent keep in touch with their community via digital games.


Spotify Gives to Charity

With the project "COVID-19 MUSIC RELIEF" Spotify supports organizations that help the creative minds in the music industry in the current crisis. Spotify donates to these organizations and doubles all donations received through the project’s website, dollar by dollar, up to a total of $10 million.

Hesse Supports Cultural Restart

The State of Hesse is providing around EUR 50 million for a new package of measures under the motto "Reopening Hesse culturally“. It is intended to help artists, festivals and cultural institutions - including cinemas - to overcome the restrictions imposed by Corona and make a fresh start. From June 1st, festivals and artists covered by the KSK social insurance can apply for funding.


It’s a Match! Frankfurter Buchmesse and THE ARTS+ launch New Format

THE ARTS+ wants to counteract the loss of matchmaking meetings at international creative fairs due to Covid-19 with a solution for trading in Creative Intellectual Property (ideas, concepts, texts, images, audio content etc.). The closed Facebook group "Pitch your CIP – Where your content becomes a game, a book, a film" brings together content professionals from the creative industries. Here they will find partners for co-productions, media adaptations, and rights and licensing sales. The Facebook group serves as a space for mutual dialogue and aims to develop new marketing potential. The goal is to build a B2B community that trades in content, brands, rights and licenses.

Cannes on Tour

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Cannes Film Festival will not take place in 2020. Artistic director Thierry Frémaux is not planning an online version either. Instead, in cooperation with other festivals, including those in Toronto, San Sebastian, New York and Venice, parts of the originally planned programme will be screened there as an individual series under the "Cannes" label. A selection is to be presented at the beginning of June. It could go on tour in the second half of the year.

Cannes Film Market Goes Online

The Marché du Film is the main industry event at the Cannes Film Festival. According to its director, Jérôme Paillard, an "online" edition will take place from 22 to 26 June 2020. Producers and distributors from around the world can "meet" and showcase their productions in real time at online booths. They can also hold videoconferences via the secure Match&Meet network, attend online screenings and interact with colleagues. Cannes also plans to offer live stream versions of its conferences and panels.

Festival MV "30 times different"

The Festspiele MV will present themselves differently in 2020. No live concerts in front of big audiences will take place until August 31st, but there will be various offers and events under the motto "30 times different“. To kick off the festival, there will be a digital festival weekend with online concerts, greetings, talks and recordings from the past 30 years. The following weeks will see - in agreement with local health authorities - about 30 concerts on a smaller scale. The exact schedule of events will be announced in early June. For the first time in its 30-year history, a festival winter is also being planned.

Take-Away-Art in Wilhelmshaven

The Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven makes a virtue of necessity. If visitors cannot come to see the art, the art must go to the visitors. They can borrow objects from the current exhibition “Komm, nimm mich“ (“Come, take me“) by Reiner Maria Matysik and take them home. These loans invite participants to truly encounter artistic objects, forms and sculptures. The exhibition focuses on the Wadden Sea habitat, the power of water, the artificial separation of water and land, and the constantly rising sea levels. Exhibits include sculptures of microscopically small radiating animals, fragile wax objects, glass-water sculptures depicting the tidal range, a heavy aluminium sculpture in the shape of a cloud, as well as installations and smaller plastic objects. All these works can be easily borrowed online.

Movie tips

The truth of others is always another…
The construction of truth, as a means of self-deception, a means to manipulate or instrumentalize others for one's own ends… Hollywood classics tell the story.


Publication 1940
Alfred Hitchcock
Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier
in Germany on Amazon

The style of Hitchcock's first Hollywood movie, based on a bestseller by Daphne du Maurier, is still very British. This is not only because of the lead actor, Laurence Olivier. But this "Britishness" gives the film its special touch. Rebecca can surely be considered a forerunner of Film Noir. A young and shy woman and the noble landlord Maximilian de Winter fall in love on a journey and get married. The young wife is the second Mrs. de Winter. She is to follow in the footsteps of the first Mrs. de Winter by running the famous family estate, "Manderley". This proves to be a burden, as the housekeeper of the first Mrs. de Winter fights with all means against the new wife. Her love and admiration for the first Mrs. de Winter has delusional traits, leading her to malicious and catastrophic actions... . A dark and dense drama about collapsing facades and truths that always appear in a new light.

The Night of The Hunter

Publication 1945
Charles Laughton
Shelly Winters and Robert Mitchum
in Germany on Amazon

The Night of the Hunter is the directorial debut of actor Charles Laughton, starring Robert Mitchum as Harry Powell, a diabolical preacherman, criminal and killer. The film is set in rural America during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Ben Harper is in prison. He shot two people and made $10,000 in a bank robbery. He hid the money somewhere in his home. Harry Powell, his cellmate, fails to find out where the money is before Harper’s execution. Jailed for minor offenses, he is released from prison. He visits the Harper family and gains the widow's trust. They get married. But soon Harry finds out that only the Harper children, Pearl and John, know where the money is. For them, a nightmare begins... "The Night of the Hunter" is a stirring, complex psycho-thriller, shot in haunting, unforgettable Expressionist images. It is considered one of the classics of Film Noir and one of the best films of all time.


Publication 1944
George Cukor
Ingrid Bergmann and Joseph Cotton
in Germany on Amazon

The story takes place in Victorian London, making the movie’s atmosphere especially creepy. Paula Alquist (Ingrid Bergmann) marries the pianist Gregory Anton. They move into the house of Paula's late aunt. Soon, however, the cosy tȇte-à-tȇte is disturbed by uncanny incidents. Only Paula seems to notice them. For example, the gas light in the house flickers or footsteps can be heard from the attic. Objects keep disappearing. Paula is doubting her sanity more and more... "Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar in 1944 for the role of Paula, a woman who desperately clings to reason. Charles Boyer, who was also nominated for an Oscar, skillfully plays the slick villain Gregory against his normal image as an actor. (Prism)" In psychology and politics, Gregory’s methods, i.e. lies, deception, psychological manipulation, are called gaslighting. US President Donald Trump is repeatedly accused by his critics of gaslighting…

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer

7:30 PM Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer Murnau Film Theatre in Wiesbaden