B3 Cultural Kiosk - 2/2020

From now on you will find interesting online offers from the world of the moving image, no matter if film, games, video art, virtual reality or virtual concerts. We would like to invite you to send us your favorites and new discoveries so that our virtual culture kiosk will connect more and more people.


Venice Mostra is to Take Place

Speaking with Italian news agency ANSA, the President of the Venice Biennale, Roberto Cicutto, has made it clear that the Mostrawill take place as planned from September 2 to 12 in Venice. The Mostra is part of the Biennale di Venezia. According to Cicutti, the programme is currently being put together with great effort. Despite Corona, Cicutto is confident that the government will grant an exemption for the Mostra, allowing six to seven cinemas to screen films for the world's oldest A-festival. At the end of May, the Biennale di Venezia wants to issue a more binding statement on how to proceed with the 77th Mostra.

L.A.: Video Art on Hospital Facade

A hospital building in downtown Los Angeles has been covered with a 1,100m² media façade using transparent LED modules that bring colorful video art to everyday life. Media facade specialist StandardVision built the installation, naming it Prelude LA. Located directly on one of the busiest freeways, the facade serves as a beaming entrance to downtown L.A. The lighting design of Prelude LA reflects the outline of the famous skyline of downtown Los Angeles. (Source: invidis.de)

Cinema Advertising Declines

As a result of the corona crisis, German cinemas suffered the biggest losses in the German gross advertising market of all advertising types during the first quarter of 2020, says Blickpunkt:Film. According to the latest figures published by data analyst Nielsen, gross advertising revenues in German cinemas during the first quarter of 2020 fell by 0.03 billion Euros or 8.7 percent compared to the same period last year. In March, with cinemas closing from the middle of the month, gross advertising revenues fell by 24.1 percent compared to last year.

Cinema after Corona

A current study by S&L shows: people miss the cinema! Just one month after the closing of German cinemas, two thirds of the survey participants already miss going to the movies. 93 percent stated that they will "very likely" or "likely" want to go to the cinema again once the crisis is over or the restrictions are lifted. The cinema is thus considered a comparatively safe pleasure. Especially the comparison with other leisure activities shows that this is a very good result. Of those who had pursued the respective activities before the crisis, 73 percent "very likely" or "likely" want to go to fitness centres again, 54 percent want to attend sports events and 51 percent want to go to clubs and discos again. A visit to the cinema is thus placed at about the same level as a visit to a restaurant, scoring a value of 91 percent. (source: Blickpunkt:Film)

Gamescom Online Only

Although many fans had hoped for a postponement, gamescom, which is scheduled from 25 to 29 August, will not be held as a classic trade fair in 2020. This was announced by Koelnmesse and the games association game in a joint press release. However, as previously announced, the organisers are sticking to their plans for a digital gamescom. To this end, the fair’s digital components such as the Opening Night Live or gamescom now will be expanded. Other digital formats are being developed, but it is too early for details. Felix Falk, managing director of game, explains: "Our goal for this year is clear: gamescom will once again be 'The Heart of Gaming' for millions of fans around the world."

Renaissance of Drive-in Cinemas

In the 1960s, drive-in cinemas were in fashion for everyone. Now, during the Corona crisis, this kind of movie-going is experiencing an unexpected renaissance. Suddenly, this nostalgic way of watching films seems to be the ideal way to get together in front of a screen, prompting numerous start-ups. The Federal Net Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) reports more applications for the allocation of frequencies for drive-in cinemas than ever before. Since the beginning of March, the agency has allocated 43 radio frequencies for drive-in cinemas. By the way, Germany`s oldest drive-in cinema has been located in Gravenbruch near Frankfurt since 1960.

VIRTUAL WORLDS Festival Goes 360º

The VIRTUAL WORLDS Festival, which is part of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, moves to late fall. VIRTUAL WORLDS is currently partnering with the BREAK DOWN THESE WALLS festival, offering a joint programme. Participation is free of charge and is happening fully in virtual reality as long as the Corona pandemic lasts. Each day offers screenings of 3D and 360º films. You can talk with the creators, exchange ideas and attend dance parties together. More information here.

VR Arcades Support Fight Against Covid-19

Originating in the US, more than 40 so-called VR Arcades have now joined forces in a VR Arcade Community in order to support research to combat the Covid 19 pandemic. Virtual Reality Arcade (short: VR Arcade) is the collective term for facilities where customers can use virtual reality (VR) headsets and other hardware and peripherals for a fee. This kind of hardware is often used to play computer games. The VR Arcade community supports the Folding@home initiative, a project that pools the computing power of now thousands of volunteers to perform the massive calculations needed to unlock the secrets of proteins and use them to develop therapies for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's, and more recently Covid-19. Participants download software from the Folding@home website; it then runs in the background, using free graphics processing power to perform calculations.


A Network for Freelancers

Along with other freelancers, director Tobias Stubbe has started the initiative "Quarantinos". The goal is to be able to produce TV ads for clients in times of lockdown. With the help of an online platform, this can be done safely by having all freelancers work from home. 600 actors and freelancers are already part of the network.

Nordmedia Cinema Programme Prize Monies Immediately Available

As a one-time Corona aid measure, the states of Lower Saxony and Bremen have more than doubled their funds for the 2019 cinema programme awards (Kinoprogrammpreise) to 150,000 euros. The 58 award-winning cinemas can collect their prize money immediately. The cinema programme prizes for outstanding annual film programmes and special film series have been awarded in Lower Saxony since 1992 and in Bremen and Bremerhaven since 2001.

Lower Saxony: More Funding for Games

The state of Lower Saxony has approved additional funds for the games industry. According to the magazine Games Wirtschaft, 700,000 Euros are to be allocated by Nordmedia. Up to 200,000 euros are available for the production of "high-quality and culturally valuable" computer games. Until now, that limit was 100,000 Euros. In contrast to federal funding, this is a loan that must be paid back if the project is successful.


Stiftung Warentest: Everything About Streaming

Right now, many people are spending a lot of time at home, causing video streaming services to be more in demand than ever before. Even the latest movies such as "The Kangaroo Chronicles" are available online. In addition, new web portals have been created in support of local cinemas. Through the Stiftung you can find out which streaming services offer temporarily free subscriptions, where to find popular series and whether subscribers to sports streaming services are eligible for compensation. The Stiftung also provides instructions on how to bring movies to your TV screen - even for non-smart TVs.

Goethe Institute starts ″kulturama.digital″

In order to give artists and their online events "more visibility and a wider reach across borders", the Goethe Institute has launched the digital platform "kulturama.digital". From now on, artists of all disciplines and from all over the world can make their event accessible for an international audience free of charge. They can also receive donations from the audience.

Jazz Online

The world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival offers more than 50 concerts free of charge via an online streaming platform, featuring artists such as Ray Charles, the Wu-Tang Clan, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Deep Purple and Carlos Santana.

Streamed Arthouse Cinema

Due to the Corona crisis, filmmakers, festival organizers and cinemas have put various films online that can either be streamed for free or rented for a small fee. In order to make staying home more enjoyable, the short film experts at Interfilmhave put four series online, including "Home sweet Home" and "Nachbarschafts(wahn)sinn". The complete series can be rented for 3.95 euros each.

The Berlin Arsenal Institute for Video Art (Institut für Videokunst Arsenal) also has a special offer: free films every day, with the permission of producers and directors. To rent feature films go to www.kino-on-demand.com. The charming thing about this offer are the so-called film collections which make searching much easier. They include "Strong Women", "Animal Film Heroes", "Documentaries that Show Abysses" and many more.

Vdrome: Online Video Art

For video art, online formats are an obvious choice. They are becoming more important than ever, especially as platforms for artists whose exhibitions are currently being cancelled by the dozen. Since 2013, the online cinema Vdrome has been curating an excellent streaming programme of films and videos by exceptional artists, selected for the importance of content, artistic quality and innovative powers. Most of the works presented on Vdrome are normally only shown in the context of film festivals and exhibitions, which makes them hard to access.

Movie tips: New York, New York ... big City of Dreams

New York, the city of dreams: many songs, and stories about NYC and the people of this great city. New York inspired many film and series directors and their unforgettable movies. It was more than just a backdrop, it was the protagonist itself. Taxi Driver, When Harry Met Sally, The Seven Year Itch, Saturday Night Fever, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The French Connection, West Side Story, Mad Man. The list goes on. Every story tells its own truth at all the times, have a look yourself...

The Fisher King

Publication 1991
Location USA
Genre Drama/Comedy
Director Terry Gilliam
Cast Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams
Available in Germany from Amazon on DVD and via Amazon Prime

The film is about forgiveness, friendship and love, with the Holy Grail as a metaphor for the film buffs. Jack - played by Jeff Bridges - is adrift in the big city when he meets the homeless Parry -played by Robin Williams. Parry is a former professor of Comp Lit. He lives in his own world, for lack of a place in the real one. Jack shoulders the blame for Parry’s mental state, and because he believes salvation is to be found with his new companion. The search for the Holy Grail begins, and will result in adventure, and a nude sing-a-long in Central Park.

Desperately Seeking Susan

Publication 1985
Location USA
Genre Comedy
Director Susan Seidelman
Cast Madonna und Rosanna Arquette
Available in Germany from Amazon on DVD and via Amazon Prime

Madonna in her breakout film role as the quintessential New York whirlwind, Susan. No one can ever compare to the Material Girl’s embodiment of the 80s attitude.

Susan's boyfriend, a musician who is constantly on tour, always contacts Susan via newspaper advertisements with a meeting place. Code word: Susan... desperately wanted. A A bored suburban housewife Roberta reads these advertisements and goes on a search for Susan. Two lifelong friends will meet and define the actor’s careers - and an on-screen relationship that defined cinema of that generation in the city that never sleeps.

Barefoot in the Park

Publication 1967
Location USA
Genre Comedy based on the theater play Barefoot in the Park
Director Gene Saks
Cast Jane Fonda und Robert Redford
Available in Germany from Amazon on DVD and via Amazon Prime

Neil Simon’s iconic comedy stars Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in career defining roles in this seminal transfer from the stage to screen. Fonda and Redford are newlyweds adjusting to their first home in the Swinging Sixties in Manhattan. A wonderful tale of the New York life when men still wore hats, populated with the bizarre and endearing characters that is a trademark of Simon who loved his fellow New Yorkers for every minute of his career. Another declaration of love to the Big Apple and the people who live and love in it.

The World of Henry Orient

Publication 1964
Location USA
Genre Comedy
Director George Roy Hill
Cast Peter Sellers
Available in Germany available on DVD from Amazon

A crazy trip through the New York of the early sixties. Peter Sellers, is a concert pianist pursued by two rapturous teenage fans. They force their way into his life and gradually turn it upside down. Wonderfully funny and light-footed.
It is the unbearable lightness of being - New York style.
Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Deep Purple und Carlos Santana.

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Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer

7:30 PM Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer Murnau Film Theatre in Wiesbaden