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From now on you will find interesting online offers from the world of the moving image, no matter if film, games, video art, virtual reality or virtual concerts. We would like to invite you to send us your favorites and new discoveries so that our virtual culture kiosk will connect more and more people.


Streaming Consumers are Dissatisfied

the Corona crisis makes streaming services boom, but how well do their algorithms really know their users’ interests and preferences? The newTV-Report by nextMedia.Hamburg, put together in collaboration with the polling agency Civey, shows that the recommendation features of streaming services could certainly be improved. Especially older audiences are largely dissatisfied. Overall, every other consumer of streaming offers (46 percent) rates the automatically generated film and series suggestions as unsuitable. Only 19 percent of users are satisfied with the algorithm-based suggestions.

Disney Postpones Film Releases

Walt Disney is reacting to the Corona crisis. According to stock market magazine "Der Aktionär“, the entertainment giant is not only postponing the theatrical release of several blockbusters. Some films will not be coming to cinema screens at all, but are instead running on the new streaming app Disney+. They include Artemis Fowl, Trolls World Tour, and Lovebirds. For years, the cinema business has been a top source of income for Disney. In 2019, the company earned 11.1 billion dollars at the box office, setting a record.Walt Disney regiert auf die Corona-Krise. Wie „Der Aktionär“ berichtet, verschiebt Entertainment-Gigant nicht nur den Kinostart mehrerer Blockbuster teilweise deutlich nach hinten. Manche Filme kommen gar nicht ins Kino, sondern laufen auf der neuen Streaming-App Disney+, darunter Artemis Fowl, Trolls World Tour und Lovebirds Das Kinogeschäft ist für Disney seit Jahren eine Top-Einnahmequelle. 2019 erlöste der Konzern 11,1 Milliarden Dollar an den Kinokassen und stellte damit einen Rekord auf.


Rescue Fund for Artists and Self-employed Persons

The Corona pandemic is having disastrous consequences for the cultural and creative industries. Many small cultural institutions in particular are on the brink of financial ruin. The German government is providing billions of euros in funding as well as other support measures. On a special website, the Federal Government provides an overview of new and existing aid offers and support measures aimed at companies, employees and self-employed persons, including those in the cultural and creative industries.

Cultural Council Informs

On its website, the German Cultural Council publishes all press releases in connection with the Corona crisis, the newsletter "Corona versus Culture“, and other useful information and offers of help.

Aid measures for the Film Industry

The Executive Board of the Filmförderungsanstalt (German Federal Film Board) has approved a list of aid measures for the German film industry and cinemas. They include the deferral of loan receivables and levy payments, waivers for the repayment of subsidies for projects that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, and waivers for repayments in the area of film distribution and physical distribution of videos.

Blickpunkt: Film – Overview of Aid Measures

Almost all federal states of Germany have recently launched new aid programmes aimed at commercial enterprises that are not covered by the federal aid package for micro-enterprises. Most recently, NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Berlin joined in as well, and you can now apply. The website Blickpunkt:Film offers a detailed overview.

Film Funds to Offer Help

Amidst the Corona crisis and its effects on the film and media industry, the federal film funds and state funds of Germany have put together a joint aid programme with measures in the areas of production, distribution and cinema. The total volume of the aid programme is 15 million euros. It is jointly supported by the funding institutions of the Länder (states) as well as the German Federal Film Board (FFA) and the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) with DFFF, Cultural Film Funding and GMPF.

Support for the Games Industry

On its website, the Association of the German Games Industry pools relevant information and support offers for companies in the games industry. Member companies are entitled to a free phone consultation with regards to company-related legal queries on Corona topics.


Museums Go Online

More and more museums around the world are going online with their exhibitions. Many offer virtual tours, such as the Louvre in Paris, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. The same applies to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Vatican Museums offer seven virtual tours, including one of the Sistine Chapel.

In Germany, for example, the SCHIRN in Frankfurt shows the first major thematic exhibition to highlight the female contribution to Surrealism, proving that the participation of female artists was much greater than is generally known. More on Youtube.

The Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) invites you to take an interactive 360° tour of current exhibitions in the region. Anyone wanting to admire Claude Monet's famous roses at the Barberini Museum in Potsdam or immerse themselves in the new special exhibition "Architectura Navalis" at the Berlin Museum of Technology can do so from the comfort of their own home. The virtual museum visitors can decide where they want to look more closely or from which angle they want to admire the exhibits.

Worldwide Tours with Google

Google’s " Arts and Culture " project features virtual tours of more than 2,000 international museums in Streetview mode. The Google project is available as web app and download for Android and iOS devices.

Tips from the Film Museum

On its website, the German Film Museum posts handicraft instructions, film tips and many other ideas for the new, unfamiliar situation in your own four walls.

ZKM Goes Online

The ZKM (Center for Art and Media) in Karlsruhe is extending its exhibitions and events into digital space. It offers a live guided tour with art educators on Instagram TV, a virtual 360° tour of the center’s exhibition, and a presentation of "Female Composers", a music festival that has been showcasing female composers of the past centuries every day since April 6. Every week, ZKM’s Facebook and Twitter channels offer a daily changing programme of art, culture and society with podcasts, exhibitions, works, videos and conversations from the past 30 years.

3sat Defies Corona

Culture channel 3sat offers a stage to artists who currently have no opportunities to perform. Every day at 19:20 o’clock, the programme „Kulturzeit" introduces artists. As part of the series "Kultur trotz(t) Corona“, musicians, dancers, actors and writers will dance, play, read and sing for the audience. They film themselves in their homes, gaining an audience by the subsequent broadcasts on TV, social media and the 3sat media library. With this campaign, 3sat wants to show its solidarity and support for many artists who are currently without income.

Documentary Films Online

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) has made more than 300 films from its archive available online: a total of 302 titles released between 1988 and 2019. The films can be researched by topic, producing country, festival section, running time and edition.

Streamed Short Films

The German Short Film Association, AG Kurzfilm, has compiled a regularly updated list of links to curated short film streaming offers. Further information can be found here.

Movie tips : A little hommage to the great times of Italien cinema ... in this strange times. Every story tells its own truth.

Scorsese: My Italian Journey (IL MIO VIAGGIO IN ITALIA)

1999; Documentary; Directed by Martin Scorsese; Producer Giorgio Armani; Italy/USA

"This is the world of my childhood, a world with people like my grandparents, looking for a better life. They never told me where I came from and I never asked. I learned about it through observation and through the films of their home country" (Scorsese) Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini or Michelangelo Antonioni, these are just a few of the names that have shaped Italian cinema and influenced other filmmakers worldwide in their work. In this documentary Martin Scorsese takes us back to the great era of Italian film (from the 1930s to the 1960s) and allows us to participate in his cinematic influences in a stirring way. 4 hours in which we look deep into the soul of Italian film and Italy itself and which make you want to watch each of the masterpieces discussed there. Simply great.

In Germany: DVD for example available in the ARTE Edition: https://www.arte-edition.de/item/145.html

Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso)

1988; Drama; Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore; Italy/France

Cinema Paradiso is the greatest love declaration and the most beautiful and tender tribute to cinema itself, to the glamour and magic of times gone by. Over a period of 40 years, the film tells the story of the village movie theater Paradiso and incidentally the history of Sicily through the little stories of its inhabitants. In flashbacks the film director Salvatore di Vita, called Toto, remembers his time at the Cinema Paradiso. As a child and teenager he assisted the film projectionist Alfredo blinded by an accident, - Philippe Noiret in one of his parade roles. This film gives you everything the medium film can give. It makes you laugh, cry and marvel. It touches you deeply and gives you an idea what real art can be.

Available in Germany: Cinema Paradiso is available on DVD for example at Amazon or on NETFLIX/Amazon in the streaming Service.

The Leopard (Il Gattopardo)

1963; Drama based on the novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa; Director: Luchino Visconti; Italy/France

"A moving historical and social panorama of fascinating beauty." (Lexicon of International Film). Actually, you don't have to say more. The novel is a masterpiece and the film is in no way inferior to it. The decline of the aristocracy and the rise of the bourgeoisie in Sicily in 1860 is told in a multi-layered and intense way using the example of an influential noble family. Visconti created images of an intense beauty and presence that remain in the memory like shimmering and sometimes too hot summer days. The actors merge with their roles and we would like to watch them go on and on in their play, the wise and great Burt Lancaster, the passionate but also cold Alain Delon and the so beautiful and clever Claudia Cardinale.

Available in Germany: DVD, Blue-ray via Amazon, streaming via Youtube


1972; Miniseries based on the children's book by Carlo Collodi; Director: Luigi Comencini; Italy

Definitely the best film adaptation of this children's book classic. Carpenter Geppetto carves the wooden figure Pinocchio, which is brought to life by a fairy. Pinocchio has to go through many adventures and in the end becomes all the joy of its creator, the carpenter. This series magically fascinates you and because of its complexity it is more than suitable for young and old.

Available in Germany: DVD, Blue-ray for example via Amazon

Friday, January 24, 2020

Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer

7:30 PM Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer Murnau Film Theatre in Wiesbaden