Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Felipe Lavín

At Art Basel Miami 2021 Felipe Lavín caused a sensation with his very special video works and photographs. In his works he takes a close look at people and the way they behave in their chosen environment. In doing so, he alienates the protagonists and thus throws them back on themselves. The individual becomes one with the masses and yet remains alone.

In this way, he portrays the behavior of people within anonymous systems such as the subways and suburban railways of this world, only to depict them again as individuals in nature.

At B3 we will show video works made in different subways of this world. Especially for B3 Lavín will portray the Frankfurt subway in a video artwork. Join us in welcoming a great person with a very unique view of the world... and of Frankfurt.


Personal Info

  • Chile

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