Wiebe van den Ende

Wiebe van den Ende is the director of the VR-Film INCITEMENT which will be screened at the B3 Leading Exhibition.

Wiebe is a Dutch creative multi-talent with a knack for storytelling based in Amsterdam. From film to VR and commercials, he looks for the best medium to tell that particular tale. Wiebe is the director of a few short films: Vox Scripta (2011), Eénnachtsliefde (2015), Exit (2016), Sede de Furia (2016) and the music video (Geck-o - "Tripper"). In 2018, he wrote and directed INCITEMENT, a Cinematic Dark Romantic VR Comedy that had its World Premiere at SXSW 2019. He is working on MY ONLY WAY OUT, a 10x20min cinematic VR crime drama series, and his first feature film, CAMERON. Besides this he is the founder of a wine cocktail company called Amsterdam Tinto.