Competition Short films (Program 2)

Saikuru-Saikuru (OmeU)
By Junichi Kanai
Japan // 2017 // 18 min

Two high school boys Junpei and Satoshi start a bicycle trip around Japan on a tandem. Soon they argue and go on each’s way severally. Junpei keeps his own trip on the bicycle and picks up the hitch-hiker Mitsuru to ride with him. Mitsuru is heading to his grandfather’s house who he has’t seen for years. However when they reached to the house, they found a dead body in the room…

Jinto Yoshida, Haruki Yamazaki, Daichi Shiozaki

Director: Junichi Kanai
Screenplay: Junichi Kanai
Director of Photography: Kiyoto Tanabe
Editor: Junichi Kanai
Music: Takahiro Matsumoto
Executive Producer: Yoshiro Hosono

NEXT (without dialogue)
By Elena Brodach
Russia // 2016 // 7 min

Another night, another naked body in her bed. She feels no love, just passion. A sharp lancet in her hands and a hidden box with her secrets. Only she knows how it all will end and who will be her next victim.

Director: Elena Brodach
Screenplay: Elena Brodach
Producer: Aug & ohr

The Egg (OmeU hebrew)
By Nadal Direktor
Israel // 2016 // 20 min

All that Noa wants is to become a mother. But when her husband leaves on a business trip, she has a miscarriage.
Too afraid to tell her husband the bad news, Noa resorts to desperate measures to have a baby. Even if it means to do so by unnatural ways.

Nelly Tagar, Moni Moshonov, Razia Israeli, Roee Adar

Director: Nadal Direktor
Screenplay: Nadal Direktor
Producer: Nadal Direktor

0.5 sqm (OmeU german, farsi)
By Tobias Wilhelm
Germany // 2016 // 9:26 min

Two men on a lawn raking leaves, putting them into a trashbag, raking leaves again. They are taking refuge in a church, not allowed to leave the church's property, while outside normal life continues - Waiting in the twilight zone of the european asylumsystem.

Silas Nariman Malkari

Director: Tobias Wilhelm
Screenplay: Tobias Wilhelm
Producer: Tobias Wilhelm

Red and Blue Ball (without dialogue)
By Billie Maya Johansen
Denmark // 2017 // 7:12 min

A landscabe is shaped by the bodies of horses. We are presented a repetitive days cycle in a dystopian future scenario. Two teens live in symbiosis with their computer game. The game overlaps reallife by transforming two horses into playfigures of the game - a red and blue ball.

Anna Jul Madsen, Clara Thi Thanh Heilmann Jensen

Director: Billie Maya Johansen
Screenplay: Billie Maya Johansen
Producer: Maximilian Mayrshofer

FOR A GOOD TIME (OV english)
By Aemilia Scott
USA, Germany // 2016 // 20 min

FOR A GOOD TIME is the story of Jane who, grieving over the loss of her mother, has a meltdown in a flower shop. Out of options and out of her mind, she decides to call a number written on the wall. The person who answers is the last one you’d expect, and just the one she needs.

Director: Aemilia Scott
Screenplay: Aemilia Scott
Producer: Aug & ohr

Cinema hall: Lumière

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Saturday, December 2, 2017 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM