Victor Morales

Victor Morales is a Venezuelan Artist based in New York City. He is a Visual Artist, director and performer, whose work includes video animation and design, text, sound design, and digital puppetry. His work has travelled the world and he has collaborated with international artist such as Chris Kondek (Berlin), Joseph Silovsky (NYC), Jim Findlay (NYC), Findlay/Sandsmark (Norway), Joachim Schloemer (Germany), Wolfgang Mitterer (Austria) among others. In the commercial world he has worked as a moving graphics designer for many TV stations and designer houses such as MTV, The Attik, NBC, Nth degree, Rust Company, and Post Works in NYC. Currently, he is the Digital Technical Director at 3- Legged Dog in NYC.
For more than 12 years Victor has been obsessed with creating Performance and Visual Art using video game engines as simulation environments, where death and physics are transformed into dramatic and comedic real time Performance and Visual Art.His research/craft aims at finding ways of expression using digital media like a painter uses a canvas.

(c) Victor Morales, Esperpento

As part of the interactive performance platform that will be the centerpiece of the B3 2019's 800 square meter Leading Exhibition area, Victor Morales is one of the three artists from the New York artist group 3LD Art & Technology Center + 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater to present their current works to a European audience for the first time.

Esperpento (Monstrosity) by Victor Morales is a 3D digital performance inspired by the aesthetic vision of the spanish painter Francisco Goya. The use of VR and AR techniques creates a visually charged mediation over the rejection of the other and the dehumanization of the stranger.