A Multitude of VR Park Premieres, with support from experimente#digital, a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation at the B3 Leading Exhibition

The B3 Main Exhibition will focus on the Trends of Virtual Reality. Additional main topics underlining the B3 Exhibition REALITIES are Narrative and Emotion; with Illusion and Simulation. They inform our understanding of the digital mediums explored throughout the B3, and the world.

More than 20 presentations are world wide, European and German premieres. The main partner of the VR Park is the European cultural catalyst, ARTE Their mission inspires the new and challenging interpretations of art works in general and the canon of Art and immersive sound experiences. The VR Park strives to challenge the status quo in both business and current affairs.

Additional participants in the VR Park are Hochschule Darmstadt and the Zurich University of the Arts, Departement Design.

ARTE VR-Projects:

Das Totale Tanztheater

100 years ago the legendary Bauhaus school questioned people’s role in the mechanical age in artistic and experimental terms.
DAS TOTALE TANZ THEATER has taken up the theme, exploring the relationship of man and machine in the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence in form of a virtual reality dance experience. Inspired by the stage experiments of Oskar Schlemmer and Walter Gropius, with choreography by Richard Siegal.

(c) Interactive Media Foundation

Das Totale Tanz Theater 360 is an Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank project, in cooperation with ZDF in collaboration with ARTE, and was created within the scope of the Bauhaus Spirit project. The Das Totale Tanz Theater VR experience on which the video is based was funded by the Bauhaus heute Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg.

Choreography: Richard Siegal

Music: „Si Takka Lumi“ by Einstürzende Neubauten*

Director: Maya Puig

Accused #2 - Walter Sisulu

The world came to know about Sisulu during the Rivonia trial in 1963 and 1964. Mandela, accused number one, read a speech during the trial justifying why the ANC had resorted to violence. Sisulu, accused number two, was the first of the group to be cross-examined. The sound archives of the trial - which have recently been restored by the INA - allow us to relive the five days of his gripping confrontation with an overtly racist prosecutor. Sisulu, who faced the death penalty, stood up to the unrelenting aggression and gave as good as he got. Transported back into a world of secret court sessions during the apartheid nightmare, the viewer will discover the testimony of an exceptional man who instigated one of the turning points of 20th century history.

(c) Accused #2 - Walter Sisulu

Authors/ Directors:

Nicolas Champeaux and Gilles Porte

Country: France

Year: 2019

Length: 15 Minuten


Further VR work on the immersive stage from New York:

Dirtscraper is a room-sized virtual reality game by digital media artist Peter Burr (USA). It simulates a post-apocalyptic future in which people live in a huge, multi-layered underground complex whose life is determined by the strange moods of artificial intelligence.

(c) Peter Burr, Dirtscraper

Esperpento (Monstrosity) by Victor Morales (USA) is a digital 3D performance inspired by the aesthetic vision of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Using VR and AR techniques, a visually charged digital mediation about the rejection of the other and the dehumanization of the stranger emerges.

(c) Victor Morales, Esperpento



INCITEMENT is a mind game between a couple that cannot help but take their competitive practical jokes a bit too far to set the other off. Virtual Reality is the ultimate medium to allow the viewer to really experience the intimacy of this couple from a person’s perspective and get to hear his and her inner thoughts.Film Still, (c) P'tite Madelaine Productions

Director: Wiebe van den Ende

Producer: Julie Périon

Country: Niederlande, Frankreich

Year: 2019

Duration: 10 min



Juana, an 18-year-old girl in a wheelchair, is anxious to explore her sexuality. She’s going on a blind date with guy she found on social media. She didn’t tell him about her disability. Overcoming fears and an inaccessible city, they meet. Together they discover what their bodies feel.

(c) Ana Vollenweider

Director: María Belén Poncio

Producer: Ezequiel Lenardón

Country: Argentinien

Year: 2018

Duration: 18 min 30 sec.


Step into the stillness of an abandoned school and enter GYMNASIA, a place where the ghostly ephemera of a lost childhood await you. Recall the particular sights and sounds of a child’s world through the echoes of ball games, school lessons and choir recitals. GYMNASIA reanimates the memories of those forgotten days.

GYMNASIA is a startling and dynamic exploration of memory—the first cinematic VR project to flawlessly blend 3D 360-degree video, stop-motion and CGI. It pushes the art of puppet animation by forcing the viewer to actually be present, in scale, with a puppet. Dark and weirdly wonderful, this mind-bending six-minute VR journey induces the uncanny anxiety that occurs when the line between what’s real and unreal is blurred beyond belief.

Featuring strong thematic connections to the work and philosophy of the revolutionary Polish theatre director Tadeusz Kantor, GYMNASIA is the result of a powerful, premiere collaboration between three renowned innovators in the world of film: Academy Award®-nominated Clyde Henry Productions, one of the world’s preeminent stop-motion animation studios; Emmy® Award-winning Felix & Paul Studios, whose pioneering approach to

immersive experiences is directly shaping the new art of XR storytelling; and the National Film Board of Canada, whose 7,000-plus films to date have won 12 Oscars® (with 75 nominations), more than 100 Genies and an Emmy. The project’s rich soundscape is the work of renowned musician Patrick Watson.