Press Events

Press talk B3 Biennale of the moving image and THE ARTS +

August 20, 2019, gamescom, Cologne

13.30, Retro Area, 10.2 (stage)

Past meets future. Games, music, film, art: how all entertainment industries can advance one another and what a targeted promotion of innovation could look like today.

With André Bernhardt (IndieAdvisor & Company),

Prof. Malte Behrmann (bbw University of Applied Sciences),

Prof. Bernd Kracke (B3),

Holger Volland (THE ARTS +)


Preview press conference on the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 and the B3 / THE ARTS + in Frankfurt

September 9, 2019, Frankfurt

11.00; House of the book, Braubachstraße 16, 60311 Frankfurt, Lounge

The pre-registration is possible from 2 September 2019