Molly Baber

"Expose Her" by Lena Chen and Molly Baber can be seen at B3 Leading Exhibition.

Molly Baber (b. 1994, Brighton, UK) is a multi-disciplinary artist examining death and the otherworld through feminine spiritual practices. Crafting narratives from the queer female perspective, Baber’s practice spans filmmaking, photography, installation, and social practice.

She has exhibited at Färgfabriken (Stockholm, Sweden), Centre Cívic Barceloneta (Barcelona, Spain), RÄUME 2 (Berlin, Germany), Fish Factory Art Space (Penryn, UK), and The Island (Bristol, UK). Drawing from mortuary customs, rituals, and mythology, Baber has produced a variety of self-directed and collaborative projects spanning short film, photographic bodies of work, and publications. She graduated from Falmouth University in 2019 with a First Class Honours in BA(Hons) Fashion Photography.

(c) Lena Chen and Molly Baber, Expose Her

When au pair and photographer Molly Baber arrives to Berlin and discovers the Lena Chen on the verge of a mental breakdown, a friendship forms based on mutual artistic endeavours and longing for estranged lovers.

Witnessed by the queer female gaze, this documemoir challenges the power relations between men and women, artist and muse, voyeur and exhibitionist, perpetrator and victim. As each character grapples for control of the narrative, Expose Her (to be seen at the B3 Leading Exhibition) reveals how lies of omission can conceal the darkest of truths.