Matt Romein

Matt Romein is an artist and performer working at the intersection of live performance, generative computer art, and multi-media installation. Originally trained as an actor, he has worked in NYC’s downtown theater and dance community as a sound and video designer while also making his own
technology-centric live performances. He attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts ITP, a graduate program focusing on experimental and artistic uses of technology. He now teaches there as an adjunct
professor with classes focused on live video performance and the usage of avatars in an artistic practice.

(c) Matt Romein, analmosh

As part of the interactive performance platform that will be the centerpiece of the B3 2019's 800 square meter Leading Exhibition area, Matt Romein is one of the three artists from the New York artist group 3LD Art & Technology Center + 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater to present their current works to a European audience for the first time.

In his generative installation analmosh, the artist Matt Romein creates a dynamic audio-visual landscape in which images, sounds, colors and graphics are repeatedly distorted and remixed programmatically.