Mathieu Pradat


Filmmaker and architect, Mathieu Pradat inscribes his practice within the growing interaction between real and virtual worlds, as new territories bearing knowledge and emotions.He directs linear films and explores VR's emerging narrative forms. He is working on his first game for tablet and smart phone.His short fictions and documentaries have been selected throughout the world : Venice Virtual - La Biennale di Venezia 74, 41th São Paulo's Mostra (Brazil), Giff Winterthur (Switzerland), Kannibal Film Fest de Berlin (opening film 2017), Pantin Côté Courts (France) Colombia, Spain... Mathieu Pradat is CEO of La prairie productions. He is in charge of the Master 2 «VR Digital Stories» course at Savoie-Mont-Blanc University dedicated to creating VR films and experiences. He is currenltly working on VR projects such as Proxima (VR game audio installation) and Amelie's Ghost.

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