Margit Lukács

Margit Lukács & Persijn Broersen work in a wide variety of media—most notably video, animation and graphics—producing a myriad of works that reflect on the ornamental characteristics of today's society. With video pieces that incorporate (filmed) footage, digital animation and images appropriated from the media, they demonstrate how reality, media and fiction are strongly intertwined in contemporary society.

Artist of the B3 Exhibition ON DESIRE

(c) Double Mirror, Falling Swan, 2017

Double Mirror, 2017
Similar to the reciprocal reflection of Narcissus mirroring himself in the water’s surface, the images we consume generate their own desires. In
'Double Mirror', Broersen & Lukács show this endless echo as an amalgam of words and objects, materials and textures, matter and anti-matter, circulating in a fluid state of continuous metamorphosis.

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