Leading Exhibition

The Leading Exhibition - Focus REALITIES

For the first time this year, the B3 leading exhibition presents itself in a strategic cooperation with THE ARTS+ Future of Culture Festival, which takes place annually as part of the Frankfurt Book Fair. This year, the B3 makers have developed various thematic blocks under the REALITIES theme for the categories Immersion, Virtual Reality, Film and Artificial Intelligence.


MOVING IMAGE PARK featuring young art

B3 partner Film London (UK) will show a representative selection of British moving image art, including works by early career and more established artists from across its commissioning and support programmes.


Aleksandar Radan

The Offenbach artist and student of the University of Design Aleksandar Radan presents his short film "Der Waldkauz" as part of the B3 main exhibition. In this first episode of the series "Characteristics of Nature" Radan produces a kind of educational video, which explains to us the tawny owl and its habitat, but also the cultural significance of the bird as a "bird of death". Although stylistically close to conventional nature films, the video tilts into a seemingly surreal sequence in which the focus on the studied species is repeatedly distracted by elements that are clearly not part of the image. The continuously digitally produced video is on the one hand "documentary" constructed - in its artistic structure, however, strangely idiosyncratic. It moves closer to the unpredictable dynamics of nature than it may seem superficially.

(c) Aleksandar Radan, Der Waldkauz



A NEW NORMAL is a stereoscopic essay film that associatively deals with the question of how to live after everything has changed. A young man leaves his apartment in an old block of flats and wanders through deserted landscapes. What drives him is his desire to leave everything behind, even to himself. A narrator tells of fragments and experiences of a daily life after the catastrophe. They are not similar to the pictures shown, but they are also not clearly separate from them. The stories begin as banal episodes shopping for groceries or the morning commute to work and eventually witnessing various strategies becoming a profound identity crisis behavior. The 3D images are both artistic expression and narrative means - they open a window into the thought world and experiences of the protagonist in the try to create a new normality.

(c) Luzie Loose & Paul Nungeßer, A NEW NORMAL

Director: Luzie Loose

Script and Camera: Paul Nungeßer

Country: Germany

Year: 2019

Length: 17 minutes


Lena Chen and Molly Baber

She was one of the first victims of so-called "revenge porn". In 2007, her boyfriend posted intimate photos of her on the Internet, resulting in years of stalking, cyber-bullying and mental anguish for feminist artist and blogger Lena Chen. Years later in Berlin, she has created a new life as her alter ego, Elle Peril. Working as a nude model, spoken word artist and performer, she attempts to regain sovereignty over her body and her identity.

When au pair and photographer Molly Baber arrives to Berlin and discovers Lena Chen on the verge of a mental breakdown, a friendship forms based on mutual artistic endeavours and longing for estranged lovers.

Witnessed by the queer female gaze, this jointly produced documemoir challenges the power relations between men and women, artist and muse, voyeur and exhibitionist, perpetrator and victim. As each character grapples for control of the narrative, Expose Her reveals how lies of omission can conceal the darkest of truths.

(c) Molly Baber

Video Installation and Performance "Expose Her"

Directors: Lena Chen & Molly Baber

Editor: Molly Baber

Writer: Lena Chen

Sound Designer: VVeber

1st Camera Operator: Molly Baber

2nd Camera Operator: Patrick Hamm



( 5-channel film installation HD 16:9, colour, stereo sound loop)

Nothing is more real than death. Nothing is more of an "absolute imaginary" than death. This is reality! A reality that reveals itself in the unusual video installation FIVE MEDITATIONS ON DEATH by Nico Weber from NOW COLLECTIVE. Images of a clinical autopsy of an anonymous dead body are composed as a poetic, five chapter narrative – disturbing and tender at the same time. It is an artistic and very personal examination of the filmmaker and artist Nico Weber in creative collaboration with cinematographer and editor Marc Nordbruch with the unthinkable, with what concerns us all: the incomprehensible. FIVE MEDITATIONS ON DEATH explores our social relationship to death, which is more evident in the practical handling of a corpse than in abstract representations of the theme. Social communication about death resonates just as much as the iconography of death in the representations of art or the mass media. In FIVE MEDITATIONS ON DEATH nothing is staged, everything is real and takes place in reality. To be able to depict this reality at all is unusual, perhaps even unique. We are familiar with stagings as such, but only this reality leads to the surprising realization that although God cannot be here, the aura of a human body never evaporates. In this sense death is not the end but the beginning. And - unlike in medicine - death in art is an abstraction of possible non-existence. Death is a form of the rule of nature over man – our failure.



European premiere: Immersive Stage from New York

The central focal point of the 800 square meter exhibition area is the walk-in large-scale installation of the New York artist collective "3-Legged Dog". Up to 90 spectators can be present simultaneously in the approx. 350 sqm immersive installation, in which 3 video works realized especially for this occasion are presented to a European audience for the first time.

Peter Burr (USA), Dirtscraper, Multimedia Installation, 2018

(c) Peter Burr

Dirtscraper is a room-sized virtual reality game by digital media artist Peter Burr (USA). It simulates a post-apocalyptic future in which people live in a huge, multi-layered underground complex whose life is determined by the strange moods of artificial intelligence.

(c) Peter Burr, Dirtscraper

Matt Romein (USA), Generative audio-visual installation/performance, 2018

(c) 3LD Art & Technology Center + 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater

In his generative installation analmosh , the artist Matt Romein (USA) creates a dynamic audio-visual landscape in which images, sounds, colors, and graphics are repeatedly distorted and remixed under program control.(c) Matt Romein, analmosh

Victor Morales (USA/VEN), Esperpento, Performance/installation, 2018

(c) 3LD Art & Technology Center + 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater

Esperpento (Monstrosity) by Victor Morales (USA) is a digital 3D performance inspired by the aesthetic vision of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Using VR and AR techniques, a visually charged digital mediation about the rejection of the other and the dehumanization of the stranger emerges.

(c) Victor Morales, Esperpento


AI reveals identities

(c) Fei Jun

The Chinese artist Fei Jun, Associate Professor at the Digital Media Lab of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, is presenting his interactive installation "Interesting World, Installation 2" (2019) for the first time in Germany. It celebrated its premiere in the Chinese Pavilion at this year's Venice Biennale and is based on an AI-controlled categorization system developed by Fei and a group of engineers that uses information from Google Maps. The AI captures the emotions and faces of the audience to derive elements of their identity. In an interview with arbet.com, the artist explained: "This work is about exploring the thinking process of the machine, which is the algorithm. We are all observed in one way or another. But the interesting thing is that you don't know with whom the machine can connect you."


A Multitude of VR Park Premieres, with support from Experimente Digital, a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation

The B3 Main Exhibition will focus on the Trends of Virtual Reality. Additional main topics underlining the B3 Exhibition REALITIES are Narrative and Emotion; with Illusion and Simulation. They inform our understanding of the digital mediums explored throughout the B3, and the world. More than 20 presentations are world wide, European and German premieres. The main partner of the VR Park is the European cultural catalyst, ARTE.

Their mission inspires the new and challenging interpretations of art works in general and the canon of Art and immersive sound experiences. The VR Park strives to challenge the status quo in both business and current affairs.
Additional participants in the VR Park are Hochschule Darmstadt and the Zurich University of the Arts, Departement Design.

All VR projects from B3 2019 can be found here.