Lena Chen

"Expose Her" by Lena Chen and Molly Baber can be seen at B3 Leading Exhibition.

Lena Chen (b. 1987, San Francisco, USA) is an artist and writer exploring women’s identity, sexuality, labor, and trauma. Her practice encompasses performance, poetry, moving image, installation, and participatory art. Chen is fascinated by the fractured experience of womanhood: the state of being simultaneously revered and vilified, desired and rejected, empowered and objectified. From modeling nude in the aftermath of revenge porn to breastfeeding members of the public, she creates live works in which she embodies female archetypes (Mother, Whore, Witch) to investigate the body as commodity and natural resource. In 2018, Chen founded "Heal Her", which has worked with artists, activists, and survivors in six countries to convene storytelling circles for collective healing from sexual violence.

Named a Progressive Women’s Voices fellow at the Women’s Media Center, Chen has presented talks at the Oxford Union, SXSW, re:publica, Yale, and Stanford. Her work has been the subject of the feature-length documentary "A Thousand Women" and has received funding from the Puffin Foundation and the Burning Man Global Arts Fund. She holds a B.A. in sociology from Harvard University. She is a MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art.(c) Lena Chen and Molly Baber, Expose Her

Expose Her (2019), which is shown at the B3 Leading Exhibition, is a portal into the secret life of a woman who creates an alter-ego after a traumatic event. Staged as a performance intervention, a series of unscripted confrontations unfold in the domestic spaces of the men who love her by different names.

In 2007, nude photos of 20-year-old Harvard student, Lena Chen, are posted online, igniting years of cyber-stalking and harassment. A decade later, Chen is living in Berlin as “Elle Peril” and is posing nude as a model for artists. After she falls in love with a troubled photographer, her romantic obsession threatens not only her existing relationship, but also her fragile mental state. Her attempt to reclaim agency over her body and identity becomes a struggle against dissociation and psychosis, as the boundary between art and fiction collapses.

When au pair and photographer Molly Baber arrives to Berlin and discovers the woman on the verge of a mental breakdown, a friendship forms based on mutual artistic endeavours and longing for estranged lovers.

Witnessed by the queer female gaze, this documemoir challenges the power relations between men and women, artist and muse, voyeur and exhibitionist, perpetrator and victim. As each character grapples for control of the narrative, Expose Her reveals how lies of omission can conceal the darkest of truths.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

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