Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Desire – Children of the Night, the last machines

30 November to 02 December 2017

The contribution of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt in collaboration with the Filmkollektiv Frankfurt e.V. and curated by Gary Vanisian aims to construct an ephemeral space of desire, enwrought by dream images, stemming from the depths of the last machines, the film projectors (Super 8, 16mm, 35mm). Their rattling and their glow will be part of the screenings and intensify the lusty force of the moving images. While the haptic world is disappearing more and more, this programme wants to introduce the younger generation to the magic of the analogue materi- al. The French experimental film group Braquage will of- fer a workshop to learn working with 16mm film material on Friday afternoon (1.12.). On Saturday afternoon (2.12.), young people from the age of 6 to 14 will have the chance to participate in a unique Laterna Magica atelier. The film programmes taking place on all three evenings deal, in an evident or subconscious way, with the notion of desire. Shown in all standard analogue formats will be films from e.g. Germany, France, the U.S. and Greece, some accom- panied by live music and in the presence of the artists, such as Sébastian Ronceray (Braquage / Paris), Vassily Bourikas (Athens) and Gunter Deller (Frankfurt).

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