Igor Simić


Igor Simić is an artist, filmmaker and writer. He graduated from Columbia University, New York, with a double-major in Film Studies and Philosophy. Igor’s short films, most notably 'The Thinker in the Supermarket', 'Cost-Benefit-Love' and 'Melancholic Drone', were screened internationally in the art context and at film festivals. Igor has also designed two mobile video games, with a third game and soundtrack to be released this year.

Artist of the B3 Exhibition ON DESIRE

Spine 2.0, 2017
Three sculptures
Courtesy of the artist

Spine 2.0 is a smart bionic implant. In the heart of the Silicon Valley, we at Custom Spines Lab build prosthetics for everyone. Spine 2.0 pushes boundaries of homo sapiens by enhancing you physically and men- tally. Spineless? Get a backbone

X <3 Y, 2017
Single-channel full HD video, 29 min
Courtesy of the artist

X <3 Y is the first dating app for genetic and financial matching. Thanks to our state-of-the-art algorithms, we help you find your ideal partner. Save time and optimize your love-seeking, find your customized lover without emotional risk. By opening an account with us you also qualify for the Aphrodite Solutions credit card that combines your DNA, financial and social status for amazing discounts and mortgage loans. Humans are algorithms, love is just another technical problem.

More information: www.igorsimic.com