Hanspeter Weder

Hanspeter Weder (* 1945), who grew up in Appenzellerland, first trained as a men's coiffeur in St. Gallen, soon moved to the lively Zurich in the 1960s. He then workes as an employee on international vessels and student expeditions. Back in Switzerland, after further training as an accountant and employment with GF and the transport company 'Steinemann', Weder set up his own business consultancy and founded another 30 years ago with another employee, the transport company 'Neither Transport', which has been operating for many years. It started with school bus transports and became established as a branched company out of wheelchair taxi, minibus rides and other branches such as real estate. Particular concern is neither the promotion of many projects on an innovative or artistic level, such as the most modern bowling alley in Switzerland or the emerging Immersive-Art project at the Rhine Falls.