GIFF // Geneva International Film Festival

Since its inception in 1995, Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) has been supporting the role of independent authors in creative processes. At the crossroads of genres and disciplines, a place to experiment, get together and celebrate, the Festival showcases a program featuring films, TV series and digital arts for ten days every year. It also devotes considerable attention to innovation, music and up-and-coming talent in its various programs.

Hors-Cadre : L'Île des Morts

Martin Charrière / 6 min / 2017 / Suisse


The Isle of the Dead, by Arnold Böcklin is probably one of most internationally-renowned Swiss paintings. Led by the irreverent Yann Marguet, this VR immersion in an artwork looks more like an acid trip than a museum tour.

(c) Film Still, Martin Charrière - Hors-Cadre : L'Île des Morts


Hors-Cadre : Intimités de Félix Vallotton

Martin Charrière / 7 min / 2018 / Suisse


In 1898, Swiss artist Félix Vallotton produced a series of woodcuts entitled Intimités which represent ten moments in the love life of famous Parisian pianist Misia Sert. To revisit this work, this VR project in the Unframed series imagines what the musician replies to the artist. Fascinating.

(c) Film Still, Martin Charrière - Hors-Cadre : Intimités de Félix Vallotton


The Bridge

Nikita Shalenny / 10 min / 2017 / Ukraine, Danemark


A bridge in the fog. Silhouettes running at our side. Are we fleeing? Are we heading towards history? The personal answer takes us 40,000 kilometers in a few minutes. Enhanced by Shalenny’s animation, a race against time, against mankind and against oneself.

(c) Film Still The Bridge, Courtesy of Nikita-Shalenny


La Apparizione

Christian Lemmerz / 3 min / 2017 / Danemark


Here you are underneath Christ. Crucified in the sky, he towers over you. From the darkness around him groans can be heard. And everywhere, golden blood pours from the divine figure. A virtual work by contemporary artist Christian Lemmerz, one of the most extreme experiences in VR art.

(c) Film Still, Christian Lemmerz - La Apparizione


She’s Already Gone

Yu Hong / 8 min / 2017 / China, Denmark


Directed by Chinese artist Yu Hong, this VR experience places the viewer in the middle of four scenes, that travel through the life of a female character from her birth to her old age. The narrative follows differing timelines as the life and aging of the protagonist moves forward while history goes backwards. (c) Film Still, Yu Hong - She’s Already Gone

Friday, January 24, 2020

Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer

7:30 PM Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer Murnau Film Theatre in Wiesbaden