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4:00 pm - ADAM

B3 Premiere

Director: Rhys Ernst

Country: USA 2019

Running time: 95 min


Cinema, Rossmarkt 7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Adam has just finished his first year at high school. When his older sister Casey invites him to New York for the summer, Adam dreams of meeting a girl. Casey lives happily amidst Brooklyns young LGBTQ community. Adam follows her to queer bars and rallies for equal marriage. When he meets Gillian, he lets her believe he’s trans and a lot older. An intelligent film about identity and belonging as well as the resulting constraints. A New York summer story, light-footed, but with depth.

(c) Visit Films


6:00 pm God of the Piano

Q&A with Itay Tal (director) and Knut Elstermann

Director: Itay Tal

Country: Israel 2019

Running time: 80 min


Cinema, Rossmarkt 7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Upon learning that her baby son is deaf, concert pianist Anat succombs to extreme measures hoping her child can survive in her musically-savvy family and grow up to become the famous composer her father has always dreamed of. A moral parable told like a thriller, God of the Piano tells of a mother obsessed with fame who threatens to destroy her child as she herself was once destroyed. The film takes viewers inside a Greek tragedy.

(c) Itay Tal, God of the Piano