Klaus Kotai

Klaus Kotai lives and works in Ber- lin. Since the early 90s he was an active mem- ber of techno scene in Munich until moving to Berlin in 1994 where together with Gabriel Mo Loschelder and Daniel Pflumm he cofounded Electro Music Department, a label for minimal techno. His first solo album was released in 2002 by WMF Records. Kotai has cooperated with techno music producers Tommi Eckart, Peter Wacha, DJ Hell, and Marcin Kozlowski, among others.

Artist of the B3 Exhibition ON DESIRE

Daniel Pflumm / Klaus Kotai

Daniel Pflumm and Klaus Kotai are two of three from Elektro Music Department, which from 1995 released more than 20 records of acts related to their intermediate surroundings. Kotai was involved in more than 15 of them, either as solo act or as member of different formations such as the customers, his musical project wich Pflumm. Latter was also responsible for the graphic design of the label and the videos, that represented the start of his preceding artist production, that resulted in an international renommee. Together they will excecute a substantial musical performance in which records of the label, his environment and directly related music will be presented, as well as live elements where Kotai will give insight into his current work. The show will be accompanied by visuals from Pflumm’s actual videoproduction.