Denis Côté

Denis Côté is the director of the film GHOST TOWN ANTHOLOGY, which will be screened at the festival cinema Cinema Arthouse on Thursday, October 17.

Denis Côté (1973 – New Brunswick, Canada) produced and directed 15 independent short films while working as a journalist and film critic from 1995 until 2005. His first feature film Les états nordiques (2005) was awarded the video Golden Leopard in Locarno International Film Festival. Vic+Flo Saw A Bear won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Preis at Berlinale in 2013. Denis Côté’s award-winning films have been travelling extensively on the film festival circuit, including more than 25 retrospectives of his work.

2005 Les états nordiques (Drifting States)

2007 Nos vies privées (Our Private Lives)

2008 Elle veut le chaos (All that She Wants)

2009 Carcasses

2010 The Enemy Lines (Jeonju Digital Project)

2010 Curling

2012 Bestiaire

2013 Vic+Flo ont vu un ours (Vic+Flo Saw A Bear)

2014 Que ta joie demeure (Joy of Man’s Desiring)

2015 Excursoes (Excursions) short

2015 Que nous nous assoupissions (May We Sleep Soundly) short

2016 Boris sans Béatrice (Boris without Beatrice)

2017 Ta peau si lisse (A Skin So Soft)

2019 Répertoire des villes disparues (Ghost Town Anthology)

2019 Wilcox

Denis Côté