Carlos Aires


Born in Ronda, Spain in 1974, Aires earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Granada. He completed his studies at Fontys Academy Tilburg, HISK Antwerp and Ohio State University. His work can be found within public collections. Noteworthy examples include: ARTIUM, Spain; MACBA, Spain; Fondation Francès, France; ARTER, Turkey; Maison Particulière, Belgium; Museum Biedermann, Germany; 21c Museum USA; MAK, Austria; Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium.

Artist of the B3 Exhibition ON DESIRE

(c) Still, Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams are made of this' (2016)
Video, 4:21 min.

The video shows two policemen dancing a tango version of the famous song performed by The Eurhythmics. In its origins, tango was mainly a dance between two men. They danced in harbour brothels. It was the result of the cultural mix of locals with immigrants. It was originally forbidden by the church and rejected by high society, which resulted in its development in poor suburbs and working class slums.

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