Bing Xu

Pioneering Chinese contemporary artist Bing Xu creates powerful, poignant mixed-media installations, in which he subverts systems of language, upending expectations and perception.Trained as a printmaker, Xu is informed by the Cultural Revolution, Chan Buddhism, and his keen interest in the relationship between meaning and words, writing, and reading.

Artist of the B3 Exhibition ON DESIRE

Dragonfly Eyes, 2017
Single-channel video, 81 min
Courtesy of the artist

Bing Xu’s first feature film is composed solely of footage from China’s millions of surveillance cameras, altering viewers’ concepts of reality and showing them just how often they are being watched. The film centers on a female protagonist named Dragonfly, who frequently undergoes cosmetic surgery.

Director: Xu Bing
Screenplay: Zhai Yongming, Zhang Hanyi
Editor: Matthieu Laclau, Zhang Wenchao
Sound: Li Danfeng
Producer: Xu Bing, Zhao Yongming, Matthieu Laclau
Production: CompanyXu Bing Studi Inc.
Original: ScoreYoshihiro Hanno

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