B3 活动议程

ON DESIRE is the headline topic of the B3 in 2017, permeating each and every module of the festival. Artists and program curators discuss and explore humankind’s individual and collective desires—philosophically, artistically, politically, economically relevant and, of course, controversially.
Every new day at B3 focusses on a different aspect of the headline topic, from A as in Attention to Z as in Zeitgeist:

Day 1, Wednesday, November 29
Individuality, attention, public life: The desire to stir up, to unsettle, to make oneself heard.

Day 2, Thursday, November 30
Looking towards the future: The desire to understand, influence and control the future.

Day 3, Friday, December 1
Power, money, importance: The desire to rule, to govern, to exercise power.

Day 4, Saturday, December 2
The longing for home, belonging, and freedom.

Day 5, Sunday, December 3
Love, religion, obsession and more desires …