Adrineh Simonian


Born in Teheran (Iran), based in Vienna since 1977. After studying violin and piano at Musikuniversität Wien, Adrineh became an opera singer, performing for 15 years on the stages of Vienna, Munich, Toulouse, Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul and others. She terminated her opera career in 2013. Since 2014 she has been the founder, owner, producer and director at Arthouse Vienna. Her vision: finding a new definition of pornography.

Arthouse Vienna moves between art and pornography. Our goal is to explore physical expression and the psychology of sex using experimental means. The team consists of persons with an artistic background in various fields. We do not operate in the manner of the conventional porn industry, choosing to work with amateurs rather than professional actors. We are interested in obtaining an authentic sexual self-expression.

"Pornography is my area of interest. Is pornography only about lust? Why is it such a big taboo when everyone watches porn anyway? Is it about morals? Is it about sexuality? What does the concept of authentic sexuality mean? I try to make my films as works of art. The most important thing: ethics.

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