Die Puppe with live music by Uwe Oberg and Silvia Sauer

Director: Ernst Lubitsch, Germany 1919, 68 min, FSK not rated, cast: Ossi Oswalda, Victor Janson, Ernst Lubitsch

World premiere on 5 December 1919 at Berlin's Ufa-Palast am Zoo

Admission: 12 Euro / 11 Euro concessions

Shortly after World War I, the everyday life of most Germans was rather gloomy. This is when comedy star Ernst Lubitsch created his lighthearted fairy tale Die Puppe (The Puppet). Wealthy Baron de Chanterelle wants to marry off his nephew. But since the young man knows little about women, he flees to a monastery. When the monks learn of the dowry, they submit a plan to Lancelot.... The comedy based on an operetta by A. E. Millner gives no idea of its time of origin, precisely because Lubitsch decided to tell a story detached from place and time. He also emphasizes the artificial in the way of acting, scenery and costumes. In this way Die Puppe creates a completely new cinematic reality. Even 100 years after its premiere on 5 December 1919 in Berlin's Ufa Palace at the Zoo, Die Puppe remains original and timeless.

About the musicians:

Silvia Sauer (voice, electronics): vocalist Silvia Sauer from Mainz is a passionate crossover artist when it comes to different genres and musical styles. Her formative roots lie in jazz and free improvisation. She combines these with singing techniques of the world and a pinch of humor, in very expressive ways. As a vocalist with the Metropolis Project which specializes in new settings of silent films, she has been active in more than 30 countries worldwide. "Silvia Sauer is simply brilliant at the virtuoso instrumentation of her own voice." (Giessener Allgemeine Zeitung)

Uwe Oberg (piano, e-piano, electronics): The Wiesbaden pianist Uwe Oberg has been working in jazz/improvisation/new music since 1980. His work includes improvising ensembles, solo, compositions for various formations, as well as works with dance/theatre/poetry and silent movies. He is a member of the KOOPERATIVE NEW JAZZ/ARTist and plays in ensembles and ad hoc castings of the international scene. "A remarkable musician who has developed his own voice as a freely improvising sound researcher as well as a jazz improviser." (Peter Niklas Wilson)