Strong showing: 43,000 visitors attended B3 2017

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Everything has an end ... even the B3 2017.

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B3 BEN AWARD 2017: Congratulations to the winner!

endless cinematic desire // 9.12.17 12 pm - 00 am

Key exhibition is open until December 20, 2017

SPECIAL: Movies from the Collection Goetz @ B3 2017

B3 Partner exhibitions: “The Formation of Normative Orders“

B3 Partner exhibition Kunsthalle Darmstadt presents: „Desire – Children of the Night, the last machines“

The B3 attracts moving image artists from 20 countries: many are presenting new work

Interview: “Advanced collecting”

B3 Parcours partner Frankfurter Kunstverein presents: Perception is Reality: On the Construction of Reality and Virtual Worlds

B3 festival center: Future meets future

Welcome to B3: Ingvild Goetz

Film pioneer Jonas Mekas receives the B3 BEN Award

B3 Alumni News / Eoghan Kidney

Welcome to B3: Candice Breitz

B3 Alumni News / Eyal Fried

B3 Alumni News / Igor Simic

B3 Alumni News and Objects of Desire Project

B3 and Hessen

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