First Date

  • German Premiere
  • Black comedy
  • United States


Shy highschooler Mike finally summons the courage to ask out his badass neighbor Kelsey, only to realize he’s missing a key element for a successful date - the car. Panicked and low on cash, he’s conned into buying a beat up ‘65 Chrysler. Mike's plan to win over Kelsey soon turns into a surreal misadventure when they are inexplicably targeted by a pair of cops, a criminal gang, and a vengeful cat lady. A night fueled by desire, bullets, and burning rubber makes any other first date seem like a walk in the park. In this perfectly executed throwback thrill ride, directing duo Manuel Crosby and Darren Knapp deftly weave together elements of dark comedy, teen romance, shoot 'em up action and classic coming-of-age story, creating a truly entertaining ride that never misses a beat. This refreshing mix of tones, coupled with a break-out performance from Tyson Brown as Mike, make FIRST DATE a truly outstanding first feature.

Title First Date
Director Manuel Crosby Darren Knapp
Genre Black comedy Thriller
Release Date 28.01.2022
  • United States
Length 99 Minutes
Spoken Language
  • English
Color Format
  • Color



Manuel Crosby Darren Knapp
Manuel Crosby
Sound Design
Andrew Hobgood Andrew Smetek Ian Robertson Joe Barnett Randy Nundlall Jr.
Manuel Crosby Zach Passero
Manuel Crosby Darren Knapp
Brandon Klaus Lucky McKee Charles Horak
Kevin Kentera Manuel Crosby Noah Lowdermilk


Tyson Brown (Mike)
Main Character



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Darren Knapp

  • Director
  • United States
Darren Knapp is an independent filmmaker of 22 years. He has made several short films with credits including Cinematography, Editing, Writing, Directing and Producing. Over the years he has collaborated with his sister Brenda Norris and lon- time friends Lucky McKee, Kevin Ford, James Miller, …

Manuel Crosby

  • Director
  • United States
Growing up in Valley Springs, California, Manuel Crosby discovered filmmaking around age twelve and has since written, directed, shot, edited, and produced numerous projects, including the short western film DEAD MAN'S LOCKET (2017) and the thrillers PRECAUTION (2014) and BROADCAST (2012). While …

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