Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Sebastian Pfeifer

Sebastian Pfeifer aka Everfresh is a german digital animation artist with a background in graphics and motion graphics design and a strong passion for fluid motion and smooth beats. His colourful, whimsical works are mostly defined by his music, which he produces specifically for his animation loops, to make sure every movement will be wrapped into a warm musical blanket. Influenced by visual and sound aesthetics of the 70s as well as contemporary digital art, his surrealistic animations take you into an immersive world of retro-futurism.


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B3 Submissions

Constructs of Sadness NFT, Art (1 Min.)
Do something NFT, Art (1 Min.)
Letting go NFT, Art (1 Min.)
Patterns NFT, Art (1 Min.)
Pressure NFT, Art (1 Min.)

B3 Conference

06:00 PM – 07:30 PM
NFT-Workshop with Sebastian Pfeifer

This workshop with motion graphic designer Sebastian Pfeifer will cover the basics and rules of conduct in the NFT world. Sebastian Pfeifer draws a differentiated picture of his activities in the NFT market and gives valuable tips on how to deal with this volatile market, what to watch out for and which mistakes to avoid. A useful guide for all creatives from film to games to art who are thinking about alternative forms of financing their projects.

Guests of B3

Arif Khan
Writer United Kingdom
Laura Turner
Writer United Kingdom
Niels Juul
Producer United States