Online + Frankfurt am Main | 15 – 23 October 2022

Focus Transformation

"The exploration of boundaries, their transgression and redefinition are central phenomena in art. Since artistic interests in new forms of expression and problem solution increasingly transcend the boundaries of their own genre, art studies are also challenged to take these transformations into account through interdisciplinary border crossings."
From: Transformationen in den Künsten. Grenzen und Entgrenzung in bildender Kunst, Film, Theater und Musik; Ruth Reiche et al. (eds.)

Through the interdisciplinary orientation of its festival structures as a platform for the moving image, the B3 thus takes account of the constantly changing art and culture. Transformation plays an important role in this year's contributions by artists and creatives. Their narrative thinks of transformation as a process or as concrete change. Thematically, they move into nature, into the future, into their thought worlds, refer to samples from the Internet, historical contexts, or to social and political phenomena.Technologically, the artists set themselves no limits, use the chosen technologies consciously and sophisticatedly, and let them become the protagonists of their works.