Talk on Identity

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Identity has many facets and seems to be more important today than ever before. Identity gives us security and a sense of belonging.
Are we above all women or men, black or white, discriminated against or part of the dominant society – or in the end just ourselves? What if skin colors, origins and identities are in truth never clear-cut? wrote author Mithu Sanya in her book Identitti. What does identity do, what does it mean for the individual and the collective? Onyeka Igwe and Dela Dabulamanzi discuss their individual perspectives and explain what identity does at its best.


Onyeka Igwe
  • Filmmaker
  • United Kingdom

London-born and -based ONYEKA IGWE is an artist and researcher working between cinema and installation. She is animated by the question: How do we live together? Sensorial, spatial and non-canonical …

Dela Dabulamanzi
  • Speaker
  • Germany

Dela Dabulamanzi was trained at the Reduta Acting School and was part of the SAT.1 Actors Class. She participated in the production LICHT IM DUNKEL, which was awarded the 3rd INTHEGA Prize in 2013. …

17.10.2021 5:00 pm6:00 pm