Prof. Bernd Kracke
President of Offenbach University of Art and Design
Artistic Director of the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image

Anna-Katharina Gerson
Head of Festival Planning and Public Affairs/Sponsoring

Anita Beckers
Curator Art

Barbara Gordon
Curator and Artistic Consultant

Prof. Rotraut Pape
Professor for Film | Video, University of Art and Design Offenbach
Curator Dome Films and Immersion

Prof. Dr. Marc Ries
Professor for Sociology and Media Theory, University of Art and Design Offenbach
Head of scientific programming B3

Susanne Tenzler-Heusler
Head of Press and PR/Sponsoring

Max Apel
Manager Marketing and Festival Organization

Uri Aviv
Artistic Consultant

Xuan Zheng
B3 China / B3 中国 Project Manager / 项目负责人

Project Office
HfG Offenbach Schlossstraße 31, 63065 Offenbach am Main