A vibrant marketplace, a media production lab, a platform for knowledge exchange and the sharing of experience—the B3 Campus/Markt at the festival center FOUR Frankfurt is all that and much more. Business contacts and networking are at the heart of this B2B module. International market leaders such as Canon and Schenker Technologies present their latest product releases and services revolving around digital transformation. International experts inform about rights management, distribution, storage, and insurances necessary in today’s art market. Leading curators of media and video art at home and abroad present themselves and their concepts. Various educational institutions provide information about their programs relating to Video Art, Cross Media, Virtual and Augmented Reality. A visual highlight will be a selection of the most beautiful and original consoles, games, and accessories from 40 years of computer gaming history, collected and presented by gaming journalist René Meyer.

Mannheimer Versicherung AG was founded in 1879 as a marine insurance company. Today "Mannheimer" is a subsidiary of Continentale Versicherungsverbund a. G. and focuses on marine, property and casualty insurance. Mannheimer is known for bespoke solutions for special target groups, e.g. SINFONIMA® for professional classical musicians and owners of musical instruments, I'M SOUND® for sound-equipment, ARTIMA® for artists and art enthusiasts, BELMOT ® for owners of vintage cars and collectibles.

Contact for the market place: Cornelia Schertler (

Booster Space is an event organizer, consultant and developer connecting business, technology and culture. #gamesweekberlin, VR NOW Con and gamescom congress; that’s all us. We are experts for Kickstarter. We develop games such as Duel VR. We create experiences for people and put hype into context. Have a word with us to speak, attend or exhibit at events; to get your development idea up and running; to learn and share.

Contact for the market place: Michael Liebe (

Canon is a globally operating provider of imaging technologies relating to photo, film, print, copying, medical technology, software, and services. The brand is in the top 3 of the US patent ranking list. In 2017 it takes 4th place in the Global RepTrak 100 of the most renowned corporations worldwide. As an active contributor to digital transformation, Canon advises and supports companies while they undergo the process of change.

Contact for the market place: Pascal Richard (

Once a week, the Department for Gaming Culture at the Austrian youth radio station FM4 engages in a convivial gaming session, held in a cosy little room that is well-hidden within the ORF Broadcasting Center: the FM4 “Spielekammerl”. In the on-air show of the same name, hosts Conny Lee, Robert Glashüttner and their colleagues play and chat, laugh and curse, marvel and rejoice at new releases and local multiplayer games.

Contact for the market place: Robert Glashüttner (

Metricminds was founded as a motion capture studio in 2001 and has since evolved into a full-service animation and VR studio. Last year, we hosted a small VR conference, FRAVR, where we showed our first VR experience, called The Dungeon. It was made in Unreal and can only be experienced on our motion capture stage, where you can touch objects both in reality and virtually at the same time.

Contact for the market place: Philip Weiß ( oder

Hessen Design e.V. is the competence center for design in Hessen. We present outstanding design achievements and facilitate the dialogue among the various creative disciplines. With our Hessen Design Competition and the festival Hessen Design Routes, we help creatives network with partners from business, science, and culture. We operate statewide, offering hands-on advice and educational programs.

Contact for the market place: Cornelia Dollacker (

Within a short period of time, Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig has established itself as a center for contemporary art and culture. The focus is on IMMERSIVE ART: multimedia shows and installations invite visitors to immerse themselves into works of art. January 2018 marks the start of “RENAISSANCE experience“, a three-part cycle devoted to digital art allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the most important masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Contact for the market place: Nicole Rundo (

LABOURGAMES is an innovation-oriented network project bringing together the »world of labour« with the »world of play« by allowing smart use of game principles and applying them in the working world to facilitate learning effects, decision-making, and motivation.
The Installation „Imagine all the people“
is presented in collaboration with Creative Europe Desks from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Berlin, and Bonn.

Contact for the market place: Robin Resch (

Since 1999 Laval Virtual, a French non-profit tradeshow of virtual technologies, has been a success. Over 8,000 guests, extensive media coverage and a strong participation of Japanese universities, propel Laval onto the high-tech planet. The new Laval Virtual Centre is a hub of expertise designed to assist professionals from every trade keen to use innovative technologies such as VR, AR, Interactive 3D, AI, Robotics, Internet Objects and others.

Contact for the market place: Thomas Bonnin (

Le Fresnoy Studio national is an educational institution providing access to artistic, audiovisual, and multimedia production and distribution to advanced students from a wide range of creative disciplines and from some 45 countries on all five continents. Mandated by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication, it was the brainchild of Alain Fleischer, who has been director since it opened its doors to the first student intake in 1997.

Contact for the market place: Pascale Pronnier (0033673889578)

Niio: Art For A Digital Age enables and stimulates the market for new media artworks, with a proprietary management, distribution and display platform for video art, 4K film, computational works, AR and VR. Artists, galleries, collectors and institutions are using Niio’s tools to store and preserve original artwork, manage collections, privately transfer works between entities and professionally display them at exhibitions and art events.

Contact for the market place: Xuf Mils, VP Product (

Leipzig based journalist René Meyer is owner to the world’s biggest collection of historic gaming systems. His collection is comprised of more than 1.000 consoles and home computers. At the B3 Festival Center, he is showing a selection of the most beautiful and original consoles, games, and accessories from 40 years of computer games history. Get ready to marvel at them and try them out.

Contact for the market place: René Meyer (

Schenker Technologies offers individually configurable laptops and desktop PCs of high performance. A systems integrator with years of experience, Schenker, with its labels SCHENKER and XMG, markets professional hardware and tailored solutions for business clients and upmarket private customers, ranging from slim business notebooks to powerful workstations. In 2016 the company introduced the first backpack PC for VR, called the XMG Walker.

Contact for the market place: Tom Neuwert (

Online and mobile media are the strongest growing sectors of the media industry. Creative professionals are in demand in newsrooms, cross-media editorial departments, and social media departments. Cast/Audiovisual Media trains students for exactly this purpose, experimenting with new forms of online digital storytelling, mostly video/moving image and animation. The term „cast“ is derived from podcast, webcast, broadcast.

Contact for the market place: Nicolas Büchi (