B3 Festival Center

(c) B3 Biennale, 2017B3 biennial is guesting at FOUR Frankfurt from November 29 through December 3

Attention guaranteed: This year, B3 will be moving into the heart of downtown Frankfurt, with the B3 festival center locating to what will soon be the city’s new FOUR Frankfurt high-rise district. Four new high-rises are scheduled to be built there by 2023 on what was once the Deutsche Bank complex between Grosser Gallustrasse, Junghofstrasse and Neue Schlesingergasse. This project will breathe fresh life into the banking district, lending the downtown area a new coherence.

(c) B3 Biennale, 2017

The events taking place from November 29 through December 3, 2017 will cover a total area of some 5,000 m². It will be held in the 1950s building complex on Junghofstrasse in what used to be the Deutsche Bank executive suite and the Hermann Josef Abs Hall, and will feature the keynote exhibition, “On_Desire”. The show will be presenting new positions and moving image works on the central B3 topic by 50 national and international artists and will be focusing on all aspects of human desire – love, greed, lust and longing. The building will also be home to the B3 festival center with food, drink and a bar, a VR and a dome movie theater, various conference formats, and a B2B section, Campus/Markt.